Vol. 2 No. 6; October 2012

Table of Contents
Comparison of Union and Non-Union Bids on Ohio School Facilities Commission Construction Projects
Dr. Alan Atalah
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Integrated Mixture of Local Experts Model for Forecasting
Rodrigo Arnaldo Scarpel, Armando Zeferino Milioni
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Needs assessment and beyond in the setup of centers for teaching and learning excellence: An-Najah University center as a case study
Dr. Abdel Karim Daragmeh, Dr. Denise Drane, Dr. Gregory Light
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The likelihood of War and Economic Interactions: The Case of Korea, 1980-2000
Jun Hyung Yu
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Market for Carbon Credits and Swine Production: An Analysis of Projects and Regions of Brazil
Marly Cavalcanti
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Phlebotomy in the Treatment of Iron Overload in Patients with Nonalcoholic and Alcoholic Fatty Liver Diseases
M. Penkova, S. Dragneva, C. Marinova, R. Ivanova, M. Gulubova, J. Ananiev, L. Mateva
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Customer Service in the 21st Industry
James F. Traylor
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Analysis of Grade Three Students’ Performance in Subject of Social Science in Pakistan
Tahir Mehmood, Uzma Perveen, Mubashira Khalid, Tariq Shakoor, Muhammad Riaz, Saleha Ali
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Are Consumer Goods Manufacturers and Retailers Favored by the Same Inventory Policy? The Case of Port Harcourt
Asiegbu, Ikechukwu F.; PoweiDaubry M.
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A Study in Caricatures: Keynes and the Classics at the 1931-1932 Harris Foundation Meetings
J. Ronnie Davis
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Choice of Healthcare Providers among Insured Persons in Ghana
Naasegnibe Kuunibe, Stanely Kojo Dary
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Impact of Extension Services on Cassava Farming in Benue State, Nigeria
Victoria Ada Okwoche, Benjamin Chijioke Asogwa
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Effectiveness of Credit Management System on Loan Performance: Empirical Evidence from Micro Finance Sector in Kenya
Haron O. Moti, Justo Simiyu Masinde, Nebat Galo Mugenda, Mary Nelima Sindani
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Patterns of English Pronunciation among Nigerian University Undergraduates: Challenges and Prospects
Ubong Josiah, Helen Bodunde, Esther Robert
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Comparative Analysis in Variability of Aircraft-Passenger Movement in Nigeria Airports
Afolayan, Olusola S; Malik , Nurudeen. A and Adedayo, A.F
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