Market for Carbon Credits and Swine Production: An Analysis of Projects and Regions of Brazil
Marly Cavalcanti

By Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) growth in the swine herd and milk production in Brazil in 2009. The disclosure, made by the agency in Rio de Janeiro, indicates an increase in other products. The milk has reached 29.112 billion gallons, up 5.6% over the previous year. The main producers were Minas Gerais (27.2%), Rio Grande do Sul (11.7%) and ParanĂ¡ (11.5%). Among municipalities, the largest producer of milk was Castro (PR). The national pork totaled 38.045 million head in 2009, up 3.3% over 2008, according to research released by the IBGE. According to experts the disclosure document of research since 2003, the herd of these animals shows steady expansion.

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