Impact of Extension Services on Cassava Farming in Benue State, Nigeria
Victoria Ada Okwoche, Benjamin Chijioke Asogwa

The study assessed the impact of access to extension services on cassava farming in Benue State, Nigeria. Data were collected from 180 randomly sampled cassava farmers from nine local government areas in Benue State using a structured questionnaire. Data collected were analysed using descriptive statistics and inferential statistics. The study showed that only 47.78% of the farmers had access to extension services. The study showed that there was a significant relationship between farmers’ access to extension services and profitability of farming. Farmers who had access to extension services ha higher profits. Access to extension services had significant impact on the profitability of cassava farming in the study area. The study recommended that extension agents should put more effort in reaching cassava farmers that have not had contact with them so as to pass useful information to them in order to increase their profitability. Cassava farmers should be encouraged by extension agents to subscribe to the various cassava farmers group. Cassava farmers should be mobilized to establish cooperative society in order to enjoy government provision of capital under poverty alleviation programmes. Adequate mobility should be provided for the extension agents for effective coverage of the areas of information need.

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