Analysis of Grade Three Students’ Performance in Subject of Social Science in Pakistan
Tahir Mehmood, Uzma Perveen, Mubashira Khalid, Tariq Shakoor, Muhammad Riaz, Saleha Ali

This paper reports on a study that investigated the analysis of grade 3rd students’ performance in Social Science from 33 government schools of Punjab district. It is descriptive type of research. It is to check the weaknesses and strengths of students in Social Science of grade 3rd students. This study is useful for administrators; teachers, researchers and students to improve their knowledge. For this purpose, the test was developed from book published by Punjab textbook board. This test contains questions on 19 basic concepts of Social Science. Population of this study was male and female students of grade 3 government schools. Sample of which 798 students were randomly chosen from 33 government schools. Data was collected from the related students. Data was analyzed by using SPSS and Excel in terms of mean, standard Deviation. This shows the strong and weak point of the students. Overall the Govt. Primary School KoylaBukhsh has performed better and their mean score is 79.87. While the lowest mean score is 15.99 of Govt. Primary School Mehta Suja as compare to the rest of the schools. There is need for improvement. The teacher should teach social studies by applying creative methods of teaching and increase their level of interest because generally it is considered that social studies is a boring subject.Ministry of Education should provide facilities and funds to promote and encourage creative teaching at every level

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