Vol. 5, No. 5; October 2015

Table of Contents

The Effects of Neoliberalism on Volunteer Tourism in New Orleans
Jennifer L. Erdely, Ph.D.
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Biceps, Machetes and Kalashnikovs: Radioscopy of Violent Construction of Youth Dreamt Identities in Côte d’Ivoire
Dr N’goran Koffi Parfait, PhD
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Economy and Application of Chaos Theory
Petr Dostál, Imrich Rukovanský
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Evaluationof Determinants on Number of Various Information Equipment at Households in Turkey
Omer ALKAN, Hayri ABAR, Abdulkerim KARAASLAN
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The Mathematical Limit of Longevity: A New Analysis
Emanuela Pasqualitto
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Information Quality and its Impact on the Marketing Performance in Industrial Jordanian Corporations-Field Study
Dr. Jumana Ziad Al Zoubi, Dr. Tareq N. Hashem
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Design of a Mobile Application for Dietary Carein Chronic Kidney Disease
Mei-Chun Wu, Chao-Wei Huang
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Fraud and the Nigerian Public Sector Performance: The Need for Forensic Accounting
Adebisi, J. F. Ph.D; Gbegi, D.O Ph.D
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