Information Quality and its Impact on the Marketing Performance in Industrial Jordanian Corporations-Field Study
Dr. Jumana Ziad Al Zoubi, Dr. Tareq N. Hashem

Purpose - Information quality IQ is a vital asset to marketing .The purpose of this paper is to investigate the impact of information quality (IQ) on the marketing performance in industrial Jordanian corporations. Design/methodology/approach – The paper is structured in two parts. It begins with the study drew IQ characteristics from the literature pool, followed by a description of marketing performance in particular. Then, in the second part, it develops the proposed model and questionnaire was designed sample that consisted of marketing directors in industrial Jordanian public joint stock companies. This questionnaire included (25) items with the aim of collecting primary data from the study sample, which consisted of (54) marketing directors. Finally, concluding remarks are presented. Research limitations/implications – It is hoped that this contribution may encourage research, particularly in terms of testing the model’s content and sequence, as well as the effect of Influencing factors. The study presents a mechanism for researchers and practitioners to test the impact of information quality on marketing performance, and the level of impact which it generates. Practical implicationsthe paper demonstrates the role of the independent variable (information quality) and its impact on the dependent variable (the marketing performance) – will provide a guideline for the industrial sector administration in building up a culture that is concerned with the excellence of marketing performance and reinforcing competitiveness. Originality/value – This paper applied an IQ model, and used the value focus approach in assessing IQ characteristics that effect marketing performance and presented expands the existing dimensions as it encompasses new evaluative dimensions (Time dimension, content dimension and the dimension of formality.) and propose the individual differences in workers’ perception towards information quality and its importance in achieving the desired marketing performance.

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