Biceps, Machetes and Kalashnikovs: Radioscopy of Violent Construction of Youth Dreamt Identities in Côte d’Ivoire
Dr N’goran Koffi Parfait, PhD

For over two decades, Côte d'Ivoire is tormented by violent mutations that mark the decline of the Ivorian social model. Once a social category undermined in practice by seniors, young people are invited into the political arena and are now the master-piece of societal transformations in the country. To the symbolic violence of seniors who have long been, "eating" in the "collective bowl", they oppose, to position, brutal violence supported by physical force, machetes and more recently Kalashnikov. Given the absence of an inclusive and reassuring political engineering, the unfulfilled expectations and the significance of ostentation as a mode of expression of acquired identities, it is likely that for a long time, violence be for the Ivorian youth, the main resource in the construction of these dreamt identities.

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