Exploring Dance in Advertising and its Influence on Consumption and Culture Using an Online Survey Method
Carla Stalling Walter, Loay Altamimi

The purpose of this exploratory research was to inquire into the effects of dance in television advertisements on consumer behavior, and to provide and advance a seminal study on the topic. Respondents (n=101) were surveyed in the United States and France in two separate phases. The study was built upon prior accepted research survey methods using interpretive dance theory, and conducted using proprietary web-based software. Respondents prefer television ads with dance in them, and the highly significant preference may influence behavior. Our contributions extend the literature on attitude toward the ad, conditioned responses and motor reflex, as dance provided entertainment, a favorable distraction, and hedonic feelings. We submit that dance theory may be an alternative way of understanding consumer behavior. Moreover, associating dance with brands could be an important factor.

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