Blogging: Promoting Peer Collaboration in Writing
Dr. Mohamad Jafre Zainol Abidin, Majid Pour-Mohammadi, Fauziah Bt Abdul Hamid

Writing has not been an easy task to all learners of a foreign language. Different ways have been used in arousing learners‟ interest to support existing traditional pedagogic practices. For instance, weblogs have been incorporated in the teaching – learning process as to make it meaningful where the construction of knowledge comes from students and the help from peers. This study employed a qualitative approach and triangulation along with thorough observations, informal interviews, and personal reflections. Learners were encouraged to collaborate more through sharing ideas, and write in the process of learning. The study depicts how blogging is beneficial to the learning of a foreign language where learners have to delve in the task which is totally different from the conventional writing task practiced within the classroom only. The findings show that respondents‟ active participation and contributing assistance were continuous throughout the process. They indicated obvious readiness, eagerness and satisfaction.

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