What Kinds of Business Skills are Important for Economic Growth?
Professor Kurihara

This study examines what kinds of business skills significantlyimpact economic growth. The empirical results show that financial skills and language skills contribute to economic growth, however, the relationship between ICTskills and economic growth cannot be found. On the other hand, having or not having financial skills promote the income divide. It can be considered that low-income young workers lack the opportunities to invest. The chance to acquire and develop financial skills should be made available to everyone.Moreover, there is no evidence of arelationship between financial skills and educational assessment of mathematics. Therefore, mathematics is not necessarily related to financial skills. Highly-skilled foreign workers positively promote financial skills.Additionally,brain drain is also positively linked with financial skills. In such countries, workers who have acquired financial skills abroad may return to their home countries.Finally, low interest rates promote financial skills. Low interest rates promote investments instead of traditional low-risk investments.

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