Examine the Impact of Service Quality on Customer Satisfaction in the Jordanian Mobile Communication Companies
Mosaddad Ihsan Samara, Prof. Mohammad Shehada

This study intended to examine the impact of service quality on customer satisfaction in mobile communication sector in Jordan. Five dimensions of perceived service quality were used and these are: Tangibility, Reliability, Responsiveness, Assurance and Empathy. Relevant survey data was collected through random convenience sampling using valid questionnaires that distributed online throughout different governorates of Jordan. Several statistical methods were used to test the hypothesis such as Reliability test, Cronbach Alpha, Correlations and Regression analysis. Analysis from a sample of 55 respondents reveals that the Tangibility and Assurance dimensions of perceived service quality did not show a statistically significant relationship with satisfaction, that corporates other dimensions were found to have a positive impact on customer satisfaction, reliability has the most significant influence. In addition, both responsiveness and empathy has the least significant impact on satisfaction.

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