Smartphone and Security Issues
Ahmad Vakil

The popularity of smartphones around the world during the last fifteen years has increased significantly and users of these devices now face a tremendous challenge in order to access, store, and disseminate information safely. Although smartphone sales have reached a saturated stage, the sheer amount of smartphone models still introduced to the market remains impressive. Furthermore, new smartphones have become more and more powerful with additional functionality. As a result, users of such devices utilize them to process more sensitive personal, financial, and even corporate data and information. Indeed, the huge amount of information and the quality of such information processed by these devices presents us with a challenging security task. Smartphone security threats are now making headlines every day, and they are continuing to become more of an issue. In this study, we first examine major trends in smartphones technology. Then, we focus on major vulnerabilities of these devices during the last three years. Based on our examination, it can be concluded no smartphone is totally safe from all attacks. However, we make some recommendations in order to alleviate some of the security vulnerabilities of smartphones and lead to a more secure mobile device.

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