How will IoT Influence the Quality of Life for Silver Population?
Mihaela Cazacu, Alexandru Hanţă, Emilia Ţiţan

IoT is a concept that has emerged in recent years bringing significant changes in technology, social and economic sectors. Daily activities of the population are thus enhanced by the Internet connection and the power of data analysis, elements that will change the way we live, work or act in the future. The projections made by IoT experts especially from economic point of view are impressive. Until 2025, revenues of up to $ 11 trillion and more than 100 billiards of connected devices are expected. For silver population, the impact of the Internet on all Things will be strong especially in Smart Health technologies that will have the role of preventing and treating effectively existing diseases. The economic impact of smart solutions in the health sector has reached European level at about 10% of the Gross Domestic Product, but in the coming years there is a significant increase in revenue in this sector1. Also, from the quality of life point of view, smart technologies will significantly improve human activity, but it can be a zero-sum game, and pollution and environmental impact can have harmful effects whose impact cannot yet be measured.

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