The Effect of Non-Financial Support Services on Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Development in a Developing Economy
Wilberforce OWUSU-ANSAH (PhD), Gifty Afi CUDJOE, Kofi POKU (PhD)

The contribution of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to worldwide economy and holistic development approach cannot be underestimated. However, in Ghana there is an apparent overemphasis on financial support for SME development to the neglect of non-financial support. The study investigates the effect of non-financial support on SME development by using a descriptive research design approach. 370 SME entrepreneurs were sampled of which 92.3% responded together with 11 Business Advisory Centre (BAC) heads in Ghana. The study showed a general positive moderate relationship between non-financial support and SME development. Business advice & consulting and on-the-job training were found to be the most important non-financial support which yielded increased revenue and high product quality. It is recommended that before the implementation of non-financial supports, needs assessment of SMEs should be conducted, coupled with critical content support assessment in order to meet the aspirations of SMEs and to maximize the associated benefits.

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