The Impact of Knowledge Sharing on Intrapreneurship through Studying the Moderating Role of Work Ethics in Tose’e Credit Institute
Ghazaleh Ezlegini, Mehdi Kheirandish, Naser Asgari

Entrepreneurship is considered as driving engine of economic development and knowledge management can have an important role in the success of this drive. However, if people are expected to share whatever they learn in organization, there must be provided conditions in the organization where a kind of a norm within the organization and work ethics would be supported. The title of this research is the impact of knowledge sharing on intrapreneurship through studying the moderating role of work ethics in Tose’e Credit Institute. In order to measure the variables of the study, field method and the questionnaire were used. Then questionnaires were distributed among sample consisting of 210 personnel in different areas of the organization. The results showed that the correlation between variables of knowledge sharing and intrapreneurship is 0.683 and with the arrival of a moderating variable (work ethics) this coefficient is 0.466.

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