Assessment of Problems Facing State Owned Enterprises in Kenya
Elijah Njagi Ireri (LLM)

This paper makes an assessment of problems that face SOE and the factors that have contributed to poor corporate governance in so SOEs in Kenya. This will be discussed in the context of the appointment and removal of the BOD and impact of irregular appointment of directors on the performance of SOES. the problems highlighted include: poor legal framework and indebtedness, politicization of the appointment process, irregular appointment of BOD, lack of diversity and gender mainstreaming in board appointment and stringent economic conditionality’s especially 2008,the irregular appointment of BOD contributes to poor performance of SOE s. this is due to the fact that persons appointed to the board fail to act in the best interests of the corporation by engaging in activities detrimental to the corporation. However, the research recognizes that irregular appointment and removal of persons from BOD, is not the only cause of the poor performance of SOEs. Poor legal framework and indebtedness, Politicization of the appointment process, irregular appointment of BOD, Diversity and gender mainstreaming in board appointment, Stringent Economic Conditionality’s,

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