Relationship between the Level of Physical Activity and Nutrition Status of Working Women: Adiyaman Case, S. Turkey
Çigdem SABBAG, Ismail UKAV

Sufficient and balanced nutrition is important in both micro and macro-scale, because it affects workers’ productivity in businesses. The research has been planned and conducted among 200 middle activity women and 200 light activity in order to identify the relationship between food consumption, physical activity and nutrition habits of women working at Adiyaman organized industrial zone and in public. The questionnaires, prepared for this purpose, were applied in January and April in the year of has been determined that according to physical activities in working environments, women who works at light activity and middle activity jobs take their daily energy and nutrition mostly. It has been emerged that women who works in textile sector have low income; however, they take the necessary protein thanks to two main meal provided by the business, and the menu served at the businesses is balanced in the aspect of nutrition groups. Daily nutrient intakes from foods vary according to activity level.

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