Leading with Morals in a Complex Environment
Christopher J. McElveen

The purpose of this paper is to provide an analysis of the connectivity between faith, ethics, and leadership. These three dimensions intersect each other during all facets of a leader’s responsibilities. The culture, values, and religion of an individual influences these dimensions based on their experiences. This paper first dissects the definition and avenues of connectivity between faith, ethics, and leadership. The paper then links the influencers of culture, values, and religion into the dimensions of faith, ethics, and leadership. Faith and ethics are supportive of each other. The possession of faith and ethics enables leaders to create an atmosphere that influences others to emulate their actions, which increases the overall organization’s effectiveness. The employment of the right leadership develops a climate of trust that enhances productivity. Leaders must walk the thin line along the spectrum of religion to leverage unique opportunities for developing others and growing an organization that operates within the band of faith, ethics, and effective leadership.

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