The Need for Conviction: A Status Quo Analysis of Social Contradictions in Contemporary China
Yingxia Wu, Congya Xia

As it is known, the emergence of social contradiction is accompanied by the emergence of society. After a long period of development, the human society has entered a more advanced stage of civilization while the social contradictions have changed correspondingly. For China, it has become a more powerful country after experiencing the reform and opening up policy since 1970s, meanwhile the social contradictions have become more complex. Now, China has been at a critical period of social transformation, having a correct understanding of the current social contradictions is beneficial to meet challenges and resolve conflicts. Based on China’s current national conditions, this study is focus on the changes of the current social contradictions in China, analyzing its form and characteristics. After the comprehensive study, it is put forward that establishing the conviction to the future under the inspiration of China dream is helpful to handle the conflicts better and defuse the contradictions correctly.

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