The Concept of Personal Information for Data Consumption, Use, and Protection
Ji-Yeon YOO

With advancements in information technology and information services, personal information is being combined through various channels like smartphones, Social Network Service, and the Internet of Things. Personal information is in a gray zone where distinguishing levels of identity and combination is difficult. The question that arises is whether “information uploaded by a person” or “personal data” can be considered as personal information. Therefore, we need to discuss and agree on expanding the concept of personal information from that focused on personal identification to “personally related information,” which includes personal data that can estimate an individual’s personal state. We must simultaneously discuss how far “personally related information” should be regulated if “personal information” is expanded to include it. In other words, the question comes down to how to measure the sensitivity of personal information. For this, discussions on personal identity are examined and standards to classify personal information are located.

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