Dynamic Analysis of Coupling Relationship between Economic Development and Ecological Environment of Hubei Province
Luo Juan, Angelina N. Ilchenko

Since the reform and opening, the economic development of Hubei province and city construction has made remarkable achievements, at the same time, the contradiction between the ecological environment and economic development is increasingly prominent. In this paper, from two aspects of economic growth and ecological environment, we select the appropriate indicators from 2000 to 2010, using the improved entropy method and we calculate the coupling coordination degree between economic development and ecological environment. From the results, we can see the evaluation indices of economic development´╝îecological environment and coupling coordination degree are increasing, indicating the overall harmonious development of economy and environment is enhanced, but it is still in the medium imbalance at present. We need to reduce the pressure on the environment, developing circular economy, promote the sustainable development of the society in the future.

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