Predictors of an Emotional Brand
Priya, Rachel J.; Dr. Anbarasu, Joseph A

This article explains the evolution of branding. It describes branding as a progressive concept and quotes many contemporary researches that have been done on the concept of Branding. It highlights the role of emotions in branding. Traditional branding concepts have been focusing on building brand awareness. But, the emotional dimension brings in a personalized relationship into the process. It mentions literature which serves as the basics of the emerging concept and application of Emotional Branding. It presents review of literature that throws light on a selective set of characteristics related to service industries. Myriad research has been done on service industries. Most of the research tries to analyse the customer evaluations on the quality of service delivered in the service industries. Service quality and service encounter are the important concepts of service marketing. It looks at the predictors namely Service Encounter Satisfaction and SERVPERF of Emotional Brands. This research initiative is an attempt to build a model which would facilitate the measurement of Service Encounter Satisfaction and SERVPERF in developing emotional brands. It has also attempted to bring out the importance and relevance of that the emotional brand for the modern manager. Also, in a limited empirical manner the relationships between Service Encounter Satisfaction and Emotional Brand, Service Performance and Emotional Brand have been established.

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