An Exploration of the Maternal and Child Health Changes in Australia
Breach Rayleen, Jones Linda K

Background: The Victorian Maternal and Child Health (MCH) profession is in the process of undergoing a number of changes as a result of initiatives at national level. Aim: The aim of the research was to explore and describe the knowledge, attitudes and beliefs of Victorian Key stakeholders (KSH) and MCH nurse’s regarding these changes. Method: A qualitative, semi structured interview method was employed for this study with 48 participants. Results: The results indicated that participants strongly believed that change was imposed on them without a great deal of communication and consultation with them. Discussion: Kotter’s framework was used to highlight what process was lacking and what could have been undertaken to assist achieving this change. A change of such a magnitude as the national registration and development of a national framework had never been undertaken previously. This framework explained why participants in the study were feeling so disenfranchised with these changes.

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