The Impact of Internet on African Education and Culture
Opeoluwa Tosin Eluwole, Nsima Sylvanus Udoh, Olugbenga David Ojo

Technology has amongst several criticisms, evolved from function-limited to feature-rich and exciting computerized systems. Most notably, the advent of the Internet in the late 1960s appears to be the greatest development in the chronology thereof. Technological advancement has witnessed multifarious exploits which are debatable topics in very recent times. Today, the Internet is a global phenomenon having instantaneous capability of providing immense online amount of information relating education, sports, commerce, entertainment, and all walks of life. Using three theoretical perspectives germane to information and communication technology, this paper examines the positive and negative impacts the Internet presents to education and culture in Africa; ranging from economic benefits derived from online business solutions and social networking, through detrimental results of cyber-crime, to astonishingly declined craving for academic distinction in colleges and universities. Certainly, the Internet has moved the world forward; also, as a result of using the Internet, a lot has gone wrong, quite a lot is going wrong, and a lot more could go wrong. Therefore, it is crucial to develop a balance on how to manage the deployment and efficient use of the Internet so that it can be fit for purpose.

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