African Companies’ Quest for Competitive Advantage: Insights from a Survey of the Congolese Elite
Richard Mpoyi

This paper identifies a few challenges and opportunities for African companies based on a survey conducted with the Congolese elite. The findings of the study provide insights into the actions needed to effectively manage African organizations. At the macro level, the Congolese agree that both institutional support and economic integration are important in facilitating the management of companies. But they are neutral about government interference in business. At the micro level, the Congolese elite agrees with the necessity to put aside personal relationships when managing human resources. However, they are neutral about the contribution of multinationals to the success of African companies. Interestingly also, Congolese are opposed to bringing expatriates as a means for transferring skills and knowledge to local employees. Finally, the opinions of the Congolese elite are not significantly affected by the place of residence (locals versus diaspora), the level of education, and the type of employment.

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