Organizational Silence among Nurses: A Study of Structural Equation Modeling
Gulsun Eriguc, Ozlem Ozer, Ilkay Sevinc Turac, Cuma Songur

To provide a literature scale which is accepted in Turkey and can be used in order to evaluate when and for what nurses remain silent, and how to evaluate results of silence as an appropriate model for nurses. The research was carried out using a survey form which is used in Turkish literature and developed by Çakici (2010). The study was carried out between January-February 2013 and the survey form was applied to 137 nurses. Response rate was determined to be 68.5%. Findings obtained as a result of the survey were exposed to confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) by using Lisrel 8.71 program. According to the findings obtained from this study, confirmatory factor analysis results of this scale enable structure validity. As a result, structural equation modeling which is obtained as a result of confirmatory factor analysis shows that organizational silence scale can be used. It is thought that this new scale is an appropriate model for nurses working at health institutions in Turkey.

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