Merchandising Strategy of FC Porto Store to Attract the Segment of Children and Youth
António Cardoso, Robson Pereira de Souza, Fernando Bandeira, Álvaro Cairrão

The purpose of this research is to investigate the merchandising strategy of the FC Porto Store, located in the Norteshopping (Oporto City – Portugal), to attract the segment of children and youth. The methodology used to deploy it can be divided into two parts. In the first part deals with presented the collected data in the store, which in turn were placed on a table of Excel. The data were then analyzed also in the SPSS program. In the second part was adopted the case study method, to present and describe the store. In order to present the data collected were performed categories for the segments and gender issue. The segments are: babies, children, tweens, teenager, adult and indifferent (for products and services transverse to ages). The gender issues categories are: male, female and indifferent (for products and services transverse to genders).The research showed that the FC Porto has a planning for the childish public if we look at the three segments that compose this target, babies, children and tween, but if the focus are just the babies it’s possible to affirm that the planning doesn’t contemplate this specific group. The work also showed that there is an abyss between the male representativeness and the female one. Due to the fact of this research has been done in just one store of one of the three biggest clubs of football of Portugal cannot affirm that this is the current situation in the merchandising’s football in this country.

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