Facilitating the PhD Research Process: Guides for Identifying Research Problem and Establishing Research Gap
Abdu Ja’afaru Bambale

Using content analysis technique, this paper attempted to provide guidelines for identifying research problem or establishing research gap in a major research especially PhD, which requires researchers to make major contributions. Providing guidance to researchers especially inexperienced, who have embarked on a major pursuit such as PhD, could not only help them successfully finish writing their theses within a time frame of 3-4 years, but would also help in producing quality research output. In the process of accomplishing its mission, this paper has offered definition and explanation of underlying concepts including research, research problem, research contribution and the PhD. As a mark of responsibility, universities, senior faculty members, experienced scholars should facilitate understanding of research process and techniques for quality research to research community who are especially novice and in dire need for guidance through workshops, conferences and publications.

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