Influence of Technological Environmental Factors on the Strategic Choice of Quoted Manufacturing Firms in Nigeria’s Food and Beverage Industry
Abdulsalam Dauda, Mustapha Yusuf Ismaila

This study explores the influence of technological environmental factors on strategic choice of business organizations. It examines the relationship between technological factors and organisational choice of multi-product marketing strategies of quoted manufacturing firms operating in the food and beverage sector in Nigeria. Survey research design was used to collect the required primary data for this work and appropriate sample size determination formulae were used to arrive at six firms and 159 management staff for the investigation. The primary data was collected through a multi-options and likert scale questionnaire that was administered on the management staff of the six studied firms. The study utilized simple regression technique to analyse the data. The findings indicate that technological environmental factors prompted quoted manufacturing firms in the food and beverage industry to adopt multi-product marketing strategies. It recommends that responsible managers in Nigerian food and beverages industry desirous of success in their operating environment should pay particular attention to technological factor dynamism such as technological invention, advancement in technology, availability of the state of the art technology, nature of technological changes and diversity of technology in the manufacturing firms’ operating environment.

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