The Impact on the Operational Performance of World Class Manufacturing Strategies: A Company Application
Ozlem Ipekgil Dogan

Global commerce, rapidly-changing technologies and shortening product life-cycles, more and more, increase competition. Hence, most businesses face with considerable uncertainties and continual reformation, because the traditional approaches in production in our age are not sufficient enough. The Competitive environment today has considerably increased the interest in WCM that is World Class Manufacturing which is defined as business practices that can provide competitive advantages worldwide by using manufacturing competence as a strategic tool. The WCM strategic implementations during the operational performances were measured on the basis of Digalwar and Metri (2005) and Murugesan (2012) in a factory manufacturing plastic household textiles in Izmir. In addition, dimensions of WCM implementation were specified, the relationship between dimensions was studied in detail, and the results on the operational performances were analyzed

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