Conceptual Model of Risk-Management in Complex Energy Systems
Nedka Nikolova, Todor Penev, Lyubomir Dimitrov

The present article sums up the results of the theoretical and scientifically applied research for systematization of the basic methodical approaches for identification and management of risks within the company. Main goal of the present article is the general procedures for management of risks to be differentiated and analyzed and to be systemized in a general conceptual model on the basis of analysis of the basic approaches for minimization of the unfavorable influence of the risk events and their consequences. On the basis of extensive theoretical research the basic principles of the new paradigm of risk-management are drawn up. The main elements of the system for management of risk are characterized. The logical and technical succession of the stages and procedures of riskmanagement in the company are described. The developed conceptual model for management of risk will be recommended to the electricity distribution companies operating on the territory of Republic of Bulgaria

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