Appraising Teacher Quality in Norwegian Schools
Dr. Sarah K. Anderson, Dr. Katherine L. Terras, Marianne Dagfinrud

This study investigated teacher quality in Norway utilizing the Framework for Teaching of Charlotte Danielson recommended by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) for developing a Norwegian teacher appraisal system. Quantitative analysis included 230 teachers who self-appraised levels of performance using an 84 item survey. Participants self-appraised as “slightly agree” to exhibiting qualities of effective teaching. Strengths comprised knowledge of child development, respectful relationships, clear standards of student conduct, writing correctly, ethical conduct and cooperative relationships with colleagues. Challenges included varying students groups for instruction, supervising classroom helpers, student monitoring of progress, and contributing service to both the school and the teaching profession. Findings suggest great potential for using the Framework to prepare, guide, improve, and evaluate teachers in Norway.

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