The Effects of Self-Construal on Listening Styles: Comparison of Turkish and Australian University Students
Instructor Mehmet Dinc, Assistant Prof. Dr. Belma Keklik, Associated Prof. Dr. Ramazan Erdem

In this study the effect of self construal on listening styles is analysed comparatively in Australia and in Turkey. Based on the cultural context, self construal is the main subject of this study affecting the listening styles. Independent and interdependent self construal and four types of listening styles, namely people oriented, content oriented, action oriented and time oriented are analysed. As a sample group university students are chosen in both Turkey and Australia. The reason of conducting study in Australia and Turkey depends on the information in the literature that Australia has individualist and Turkey has collectivist culture. According to regression analysis results there is a significant difference for independent and interdependent self-construal in Australia and Turkey. Australia has higher independent self construal than Turkey. Also it is found that, people oriented listening style is significant for both Turkey and Australia. Another finding is that, there is a significant effect of independent self-construal for both content oriented and time oriented listening style in Turkey. The value of this study comes from consideration of culture and self construal together to analyse the listening styles.

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