The Impact of Social Network Sites to Determine Student`s Orientations: Field Study on Jordanian Private Universities
Dr. Al-Hareth Muhammad Abu Husein, Dr. Ahmad Saleh Al-Sukkar, Dr. Ali Atallah Ali Salah, Ali Ahmad Jaradat

This study aimed at identifying the impact of social network sites to determine student`s orientations at the Jordanian private universities. The researchers adopted the descriptive and analytical method to highlight the concepts related to the subject matter of the study, analyze them and induce the results through investigating the opinions of a random sample counting (351) male and female students at the Jordanian private universities. To realize the goals of the study, a questionnaire of (22) items to collect preliminary information was designed and accordingly, data was collected and analyzed and hypothesis were tested using (SPSS) testing program. The study revealed the following results: There is an impact of social network sites on the determination of students` orientations (political, social, and cultural) at the Jordanian private universities. In the light of the study`s results, the researchers presented a number of recommendations and proposals the most important of which are: The establishment of Arabic social network sites after the pattern of the big networks like (face book, Twitter and YouTube) to generate the required change in the Arab nation.

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