Income and Implications of Teacher Performance to Improve the Quality Of Education in the Elementary School of Surabaya
Dr. Waspodo Tjipto Subroto

Focuses of this research is quality education at elementary school in Surabaya City. Influence teacher's income (salary, subsidies and honorarium) for teacher's performance to quality education at elementary school in Surabaya City. Or in other words, the influence of teacher's salary to teacher's performance, subsdies to teacher's performance, honorarium to teacher's performance and teacher's salary to education quality, subsidy to education quality, honorarium to education quality. Also the influence of teacher's performance to quality education. The population are the teacher of elemantry school in Surabaya City, the which have totally of 945 school and 12.492 teacher's. Research sample about 372 teacher's by using stratified cluster sampling technique. Technical analysis of data use SEM (Structural Equation Modelling) with the program AMOS (Analysis of Moment Structure) Version 4.01. Applying structural equation modelling analysis, the research findings that the intensive as follow. First, salaries conducted by the government's salary and Institution's salary influenced to teacher's performance and also influenced to quality education at elementary school. Second, subsidies conducted by the government in the forms of subsidies from center government, subsidies of regional subsidies from government and school committees are influenced to teacher's performance and also influenced to education quality. Third, teacher's honorarium with indicator activates incidental, extracurricular activates and activates learn. Influence to teacher's performance but do not influence to education quality. Fourth, teacher's performance indicators with skill, attitude, knowledge and emotional intelligence influenced to education quality indicator value with quality and quantity of study. Based on the finding, that for grow-up of quality education at elementary school from 4 factors most need is teacher's performances grow up just for the teacher's performance need a teacher's salary.

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