A Conceptual Review of Innovative Work Behavior in Knowledge Intensive Business Services among Knowledge Workers in Malaysia
Yeoh Khar Kheng, Rosli Mahmood, Sethela June Hamy Beris

Innovation has become a prerequisite in many knowledge based economy. Any organization that oblivious to this reality and does not innovate will become the ultimate reason for the decline and demise of existing organizations. However, today’s innovation and its paradigm, in all its forms, products, services, processes, and work methods, is considered more of a product of the human mind and its creativity, where tacit knowledge resides. Innovation may or may not be routed through R&D labs. As such, innovation and all its derivatives are no longer associated with those organizations and worker doing technological/scientific work per se. The focus of the study is on innovative work behavior, a smaller-scale, but much more common, innovations related to incremental and often non-technological improvements in service concepts and work processes. For knowledge-intensive business services, such improvements are of major importance. Its nature implies that incremental adjustments must be made continuously to meet client needs. In knowledge-intensive service organizations, it is customary that all knowledge workers can contribute to the innovation process through the innovative work behavior.

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