The Mature of Strategic Business of Small and Medium-Sized High-Tech Companies in Brazil
Taciana de Barros Jerônimo, Denise Dumke de Medeiros

This paper sets out to analyze the use of strategic planning in small and medium-sized high-tech companies in Brazil. These companies needs strategic planning in order to support the performance and enhance the competitiveness, by enabling effective responses to be found for market changes and uncertainties, and to refine their management capacity so as to generate and disseminate new knowledge at the same time as managers develop innovation, creative products in accordance with the customer’s needs. The major result of this paper is the matrix of mature strategic business, which is based on the management actions. The matrix derived from theoretical concepts, it used in practice by 13 companies for the evaluation their own specific business development. This indicates clearly the absence of formal planning models but underlines the importance of the strategic awareness, personal commitment of the manager in pursuing objectives and the relationship with the stakeholders.

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