Centralized Authentication and Speed up Approach for Clients of Multiple Multimedia Conferencing Systems Using Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
Dr. Ahmad Saleh Al-Sukkar, Mohammad Abdelmo'ti Abu Saleh

Video conferencing systems are rapidly growing and spreading through various computing areas due to their benefits in efficiently producing communication between people from just about many different locations all over the world. One of the systems that is widely being used in Malaysia is the Multimedia Conferencing System (MCS). In ordinary cases, MCS users need to know the address of the server they have account on to be able to login and use the system. If that particular server is down or off-line users need to have a different account on a different MCS server to be able to use the system. we propose a new entity to be added in the MCS system, which is the LDAP server and directory. By using the centralized LDAP server for multiple MCS servers and redesigning the MCS server to communicate with LDAP, users can easily login through any server since their database will be located at the LDAP server and can securely be accessed from any other connected user of the MCS servers. LDAP does more than just providing authentications to users. The proposed system supported the users can easily login through any server that measurements in term of centralization risk and authentication of “log in” for MCS. On the other hand, the new MCS server design speeds up the invitations among users where they can discover each other faster based on the usage of the LDAP query and the use of centralized LDAP servers to distribute the load between Multiple LDAP servers. As a result, our approach proved that the time taken for the invitation process was less than that time taken through the old system.

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