What Motivates Employees to Persist With Online Training? One Canadian Workplace Study
Dr. Wendy Hardman, Dr. Lorayne Robertson

There is a shortage of published research available on work-situated and work-related online training designed to help employees at the entry levels of their organization complete their day-to-day tasks more efficiently. One reason for this may be that the training processes that add value to and impact on an organization’s profitability margins may not be available to the public in order to maintain a competitive advantage. The study reported here, which is situated in a reportedly successful training program, presents an opportunity to understand the online training factors from the perspectives of the entry-level employees and from the administration. These insights provide a window on the factors that contributed to a high participation and completion rate for an online training program at one organization’s workplace. The findings may not be generalizable to all other online workplace learning programs, but provide helpful insights and factors to be considered when providing online workplace training to entry-level employees.

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