A Study on the Foundations of the Occurrence of Errors in Subjective
Carlos Alberto Ferreira Bispo, Edson Walmir Cazarini

Background Due to the increasing need to better understand organizational elements, subjective measurements are gaining more and more space. Problem: What are the grounds to claim that subjective measurements allow for more possible measurement errors in relation to objective measurements? Purpose: To establish the necessary foundation to affirm that subjective measurements allow more measurement errors in relation to objective measurements. Methods: a comprehensive review of the literature on subjective and objective measurements was performed in order to establish the grounds of the problem outlined. Results: postulates on subjective measurements were elaborated and the main sources of subjective measurement errors, based on those postulates, were outlined. Conclusions: With the postulates and sources of errors outlined in the article, it was possible to formulate a theoretical framework that allowed us to better understand why subjective measurements are more subject to measurement errors in relation to objective measurements.

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