Technology Management School: Evolution and Imperative
Aminu Ahmad

There is rarely a coherent attempt to synchronize contemporary management literature to a solid theoretical base-school of thought, despite the inability of conventional management approach to effectively address organizational needs in many industries. Historically management techniques evolved through a number of approaches and stabilize in conventional school for some time. However, the rapidly changing technology-driven marketplace meant even the sophisticated conventional design falls short of engendering corporate excellence in many markets. Consequently, Digital Equipment and PZ Nigeria records outright collapse and serious erosion of market share in spite of exceptional conventional management design. Hence, the paper traced the height and limitations of conventional management. In addition to historical perspective, a number of overlapping factors meant that technology management is inescapable to managers. These factors collectively underscore the pervasive nature of technology and the need for its formal management. The paper recommends neither theoretical novelty nor conventional wisdom should substitute situational analysis in the choice of relevant management approach.

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