Training and Development for Knowledge Workers – Malaysian Scene
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Laili b. Hashim, Khairul Mizan Taib

As Malaysia aspires to move ahead into the K-based economy which is knowledge and technologically driven, the government have to focus more on the critical development and management of human capital. Despite the importance of traditional factors of production (labour, capital raw materials and entrepreneurship), knowledge is now considered as the most important critical success factor in driving growth, creating new value and providing the basis to remain competitive in a globalize economy. In line with the government aspiration to be a K-based economy, Faculty of Information Management (FIM) in UiTM is playing its role as an institution of higher learning in striving for a K-based economy. There are many measures which have been taken in creating and preparing the knowledge workers. One of it is by establishing the Masters in Knowledge Management (MKM) programme. This paper gives an overview of KM aspect that is currently practiced at the Faculty. Two core processes of KM will be emphasized. Finally, this paper discusses the challenges faced and potential solutions in the implementation of KM at the Faculty.

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