The Impact of Social Motivational, Cognitive, and Pedagogic Content Dimensions on Understanding Chemistry Concepts
Dr. Safa A. Zaid-ElKilani, Dr. Husein F. Ramzoun

The study examines the impact of social motivational, cognitive, and pedagogic content dimensions on understanding chemistry problems. Three groups of university students: freshman science college students, n (50), freshman inservice students' teachers n (45), Junior and Senior inservice students' teachers n(70), had been examined in understanding chemistry concepts. The results show that the social motivation, cognitive, and pedagogic dimensions have a great impact on understanding chemistry concepts; inservice junior and senior students' teachers who studied methodology course show the best understanding for chemistry concept; the results also show that inspite that freshman science college students had a higher score on General Secondary Exam upon admission, however, freshman inservice teachers show better understanding for chemistry concept in the test (both groups did not study methodology course).

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