The Impact of Organizational Leadership Ethical Conduct on Hospital Employees’ Job Satisfaction: A Correlational Study in Kuwait
Muath Eleswed, Dixie Dennis

The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between organizational leadership unethical/ethical conduct and job satisfaction of employees in a private hospital in Kuwait. Data was obtained from a private hospital in Kuwait using self-administered surveys from (n=181). The results showed that unethical conduct and job satisfaction were negatively related (r = -.265, sig = .000), where, ethical conduct and job satisfaction were positively related (r = .385, sig = .000). As implications, this study provides evidence of the negative relationship between the level of job satisfaction and unethical behaviors, where on the other hand, it provides evidence of the positive relationship between the level of job satisfaction and ethical behaviors. Thus, from an organizational leadership point of view, one effective way to develop a high level of job satisfaction among staff members is to enforce ethical practices among all levels of staff members throughout the organization.

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