A Preliminary Review of Undergraduate Student Interest and Perceptions about Taking Online, Web-based Sociology Courses
Toni Y. Sims-Muhammad, George P. Wooddell

This preliminary assessment sought to examine 1) student perception about the benefits and drawbacks of online, web-based courses in general, and 2) interest in web-based Sociology courses in particular. Online, web-based instruction is a part of mainstream education and currently universities nation-wide are beginning to turn towards online, web-based instruction as a way to reach more students. Yet, there is limited research about student perception in general and about web-based Sociology courses in particular. The results of this study indicate that student interest is highly motivated by attendance - not needing to attend a physical class, and students perceive not having regular contact with the instructor as the most relevant drawback. Results also show that overall students are interested in taking sociology online, web-based courses.

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