Increasing Budget Transparency and Control of Corruption – Strategy to Increase Human Development
Maria Violeta CIMPOERU

With reference to empirical studies in the literature we have developed a multiple regression model for year 2012 and we have examined the links between human development, as measured by the HDI, Human Development Index, which compares the level of development of a country's fiscal transparency measured by Open Budget Index, and control of corruption, as measured by the Control of Corruption, which is the level at which public power is exercised over private gain, and got a very strong causal relationship. Over 50% of the variation of the dependent variable, the HDI is explained by the independent variables, budgetary transparency (OBI) and corruption control (CC). The independent variables OBI and CC have a positive and significant effect on the level of human development in all countries. Therefore a high level of human development (access to quality healthcare and political rights, civil liberties and quality education), corresponds to a high level of budgetary transparency and control of corruption.

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