Recombinants: Theoretical Propositions to Practical Dispositions for Resolving Conflicts in African Metropolis and Periphery
Rexford Assasie Oppong

This paper is exploratory and uses Accra, Ghana as a case study to draw examples of conflicts and contradictions that exist between African Metropolis and Periphery. This paper argues that the attainment of sustainable merging of the periphery and the metropolis is a complex system of urban development practices and theories. To connect the metropolis and the periphery, individual behaviors and institutions, this paper proposes “recombinant design” as a tool to investigate the modularity of the periphery and metropolis. This paper concludes amongst others that the development of recombinant tools based on “localisation theory” provides great opportunities for establishing an ‘African Centre of Recombinant Urban Studies (ACORUS)’ for study of the dynamics of the relationship between the African Metropolis and its periphery.

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