Technology and Business Aspects of E-Business Education
Marcelline Fusilier, SubhashDurlabhji, Athmar Al-Salem

The present study investigated the extent to which future e-business professionals are being prepared for the technical as well as non-technical aspects of this form of commerce. University technological and nontechnological course content was investigated for 153 e-business degree program curricula based in different parts of the world. Data were collected from university web pages for bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. Courses were categorized according to their focus on the following types of subject matter: technology, ebusiness, or non-technological business skills. Results suggested sampled programs based in North America tended to include more non-technological business coursework while those based in Europe were moving toward more e-business and technical course coverage. Findings further suggest that e-business education could be adapting to local needs and conditions.

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