Purchasing Intention towards Real Estate Development in Setia Alam, Shah Alam: Evidence from Malaysia
Mohamad Idham Md Razak, Raihan Ibrahim & Nur Shaifa Hoo Abdullah @ Jean Hoo, Idris Osman & Zainab Alias

Real estate is refers to things that are not moveable such as land and improvements permanently attached to the land for example house or any other building (Messah, 2011). In general, there are numbers of factors that will determine the movement of real estate market. This research has provided an insight on how all the factors in this study can help in predicting the purchasing intention towards property, especially residents in Setia Alam by adopting the model from Gibler K.M. and Nelson S.L. (1998). 30 sets of questionnaires were distributed randomly. From the results obtained, all the factors that represent the antecedents for the factors that influence purchasing intention towards property in Setia Alam show significant relationship with the purchasing intention towards property in Setia Alam, which are personality, knowledge, social class and reference group.

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