Airline Service Process at Ataturk Airport: An Analysis of the Current Situation
SavaşSelahattinAteş, Celal Hakan Kağnıcıoğlu

Air transportation service is to transport passenger, luggage and freight by an aircraft between two points so as to provide place and time benefit. This service is the combination of the service processes from more than one business field complementary to each other. In order to be able to design the new service process steps and improve the airline services, the current airline processes need to be analyzed and the relationships of the companies that are involved in airline services need to be understood. The study has been carried out to define the service process steps available at Istanbul Ataturk Airport and to develop the process network diagram. In the first section of the study, the basic operations constituting the airline service process are provided through a literature review, and in the second section, the operations constituting the airline service process and the companies responsible for providing these operations and the service process steps have been determined through semi-structured interviews. In the last part of the study, operation-based network diagram of Ataturk Airport service process has been developed via assessment of the study data.

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